Meet our Team

Tamara-Lee Beveridge (AKA TAM)

Owner BizCore 360 / BAS & ASIC Agent


Tam is a nature baby, and is happiest when in nature. She loves exploring the world with her husband. Never content to be just content, she is always seeking out new challenges and adventures that continually push her outside her comfort zone.


  • Her passion for helping people and the innate need for continued personal growth


  • Travelling - Tam caught the dreaded travel bug and has travelled to over 42 Countries, and the list just keeps growing!

  • Scuba Diving - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with Polynesian Shark Diver Specialty

  • Bike Riding - She loves riding her bike on the trails, minus the mountains

  • Hiking in the Tassie Wilderness - Alpine Multi-night hikes are her favourite


  • Going out for dinner and trying new restaurants. Blind tastings are the best!

  • Costume parties

  • Nights spent playing board games with friends & drinking beautiful Tasmanian wine & Gin

  • Hosting dinner parties for her friends. They are more than happy for her to test out new recipes and cocktails on them.


  • "Strangers are only friends you haven't met yet"

  • "In all things there must be balance"

  • "Change is constant & inevitable, you choose to make it positive or negative"

Tam’s Professional Journey

Tam was born in Tasmania and started working in Accounts for Small businesses when she was just 15. She moved away in her late teens to Far North Queensland and worked for BHP Coal Laboratory (Mining Industry), where she gained experience in Workplace Health & Safety and ISO certification, legislative requirements. 

By always seeking and accepting new opportunities, over the past 25 years she has had the privilege to work in Accounts and Management in Corporate settings for Large ASIC publicly listed Corporations, through to Smaller Companies and privately owned Small businesses, across various industries. Industries including; Mining, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Legal & Professional Services, Financial Planning Services, Retail, Accommodation & Hotel, IT, Survey, Pool Service & Supply, Workplace Relations & Registered Training Organisations (RTO). Working across varied industries enabled Tam to gain the desired experience in all facets of Accounts and Business Management with an emphasis on policy and procedure, improving efficiencies and maintaining regulatory compliance.

In 2010 she enrolled Full time as a mature aged student at University of Tasmania (UTAS) where she studied Batchelor of Behavioural Science with her two majors being Psychology and Management. Since then she has completed Certification in Accounting, Business Administration, & Management with a special interest in HR Management and Small Business Management. 

At the age of 40, Tam yearned for a more meaningful and enriching work environment, with the desire to offer more practical support to the wider small business community.  Choosing to cultivate her constant thirst for professional development, Tam made the bold decision to leave the secure position and safety net of the Legal Firm she worked for, to become a registered BAS Agent for the Tax Practitioners Board. Starting her own Bookkeeping and Business Consulting Business, BizCore 360 was born. 

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